Videos On Kindle Paperwhite 3

I have never thought about watching videos on Kindle’s E-Ink!After I jailbroke my kindle,I tried some interesting things,such as drawing on kindle,playing minesweeper on kindle.Now I happened to see this article.Yes,someone has tried to watch videos on kindle’s E-Ink and succeeded!So I tried to use the geekmaster video player to play videos on kindle.

After a couple of years,the geekmaster video player(Gmplay) is not working n=on the newest Paperwhite 3 any more.However,I managed to modify the source of it and made it work again!Here’s what I do.


I jailbroke the kindle paperwhite3,and installed the KUAL.That’s the easiest thing to do!


I modified the source and recompile it.Here is my recompiled Gmplay.Instead,I just changed the resolution,modified some details,and recompiled it.It requires KUAL!This is the download link.

Uncompress the file Videos-KUAL-EXTENSION.7z,the put the folder Videos into the folder “extensions” on kindle(Or /mnt/us/extensions if you are using kterm or whatever)

Check the KUAL.It will now have a “Videos” launcher.Launch it,and touch the Gmvid option,It will begin to play “The Penguins Of Madagascar Theme Song” video.


The common video format CANNOT BE USED HERE!Even the most common mp4 format because kindle’s processor is not strong enough to handle the decoding task.So the Gmplay uses a special video format:.GMV.The .gmv format does not zip the video,so it is extremely large.Kindle only has 4 GB of storage!So,the original Gmplay used a strange way:compresses the video into .gz format to reduce the size,then uses the video stream uncompressed from the .gz file to play it.Experiments proved this way efficient.So I also use it here.


I have modified the transcode tool to make it works.It uses ffmpeg to give raw video stream to the transcode tool called raw2gmv.Then,raw2gmv gives the gmv video stream.Then,it passes to gzip to compress it.No extra file is made!The .gmv.gz file is actually larger than the original file.The download link of raw2gmv is here.

Then open the terminal.Make sure you have ffmpeg and gzip installed.Make sure the raw2gmv and the video file is in the same folder as Terminal.Then enter the command:

ffmpeg -i "The Penguins Of Madagascar Theme Song.mp4" -pix_fmt gray -f rawvideo -r 7.7 -s 1448x1072 -|./raw2gmv|gzip -f > gmvid.gmv.gz

for I am transcoding The Penguins Of Madagascar Theme Song.mp4 to gmvid.gmv.gz.

Then you will get gmvid.gmv.gz.Put gmvid.gmv.gz into extensions/videos folder.Then do as what we mentioned in 2nd,launch Videos,and touch the Gmvid option.Your transcoded video will begin to play!


You can put every kind of videos in kindle now!But the E-Ink cannot play too fast videos for you will hardly see anything in that situation.Enjoy your video!

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