The Strange experience of installing Android Studio on Ubuntu


I need to install an Android Studio on my computer because I want to study Android Java program.It seems that installing i on Ubuntu is a very easy thing,since it only requires a few codes.

However,when I was installing the android-studio using “sudo apt install android-studio”,the installation failed because of the Java 9 could not install.Then I removed android-studio and Java9 and installed openjdk-9 instead.The installation ran smoothly. But when I try to launch the Android Studio,it could not be run.Of course it is Java’s problem again.

So I installed official Java9 by using PPA of “webupd8team/java”(Thanks for their work)As I expected,it still could not be run.:-(As I run android studio manually and googled the problem,I found out that the reason it could not be run is that the Java version is too high!

So I again installed Java7 instead.The installation is smooth as well.The Android Studio can also be run.Just a simple problem:The buildtool could not run because the Java’s version is too low!I finally know what I should do.I installed Java8,removed Java7,and tried to launch Android Studio again.All features work fine.Even the emulator ran well.The CPU load is high while compiling apks,although.

What a terrible experience!

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