Start Working on the hard Javascript!

Long time no see you guys!I’m glad to write again!

Now since I have to work on a (large?) project,which evolves multiple programming language and a little complex system,my programming language seemed to be a liittle short.As I am going to handle all the website part,I have to learn everything about html,css,javascript,php,mysql,ect.Fortunately,I learned php and mysql quickly,and css does not seem to disturb me.But the javascript part is a little difficult.I knew NOTHING about how to use html in js!Yes,It looks like C and Java,but I still need to put in a lot of effect.

I think a good js should look like this:2017-04-28.png

But my js looks like this.2017-04-28 (1).pngNot talking that Duckduckgo’s js is bad.Yes,I think js should be as simple as it can be,but a good js is very large?Maybe I proved wrong.

So I think I really need to work hard on it for a while.

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