Returned to Ubuntu!

It’s nice to see you guys again!Today I finally installed Ubuntu on my laptop!It’s really delightful to see the linux desktop again!

After several days using Windows 10,I really get “too” used to the design.Not ugly,just too “normal”.So I abandoned Windows and return to the GNU family again.Of course I will choose Ubuntu,as I always prefer it.But which branch of Ubuntu?I really got used to Unity desktop,and XFCE,Mate cannot fulfill my desire of a great effect.So yes!I chose Gnome.

The Original Gnome desktop is as ugly as Unity which is before applying themes.So I searched and installed Flat-Plat theme.It supports Material Ripple Effect!And Gnome desktop environment means that I can write widget in JavaScript!I cannot write it yet but I have accumulated some skills.It will be so much fun!

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