Finally Installed Python,Tensorflow and OpenCV on Windows!

It’s good to see you again!

For some reasons,I have to reinstall my computer from Ubuntu and Windows.You will soon find out what reason it is;-).2017-05-01.png

So that my GRUB cannot function properly on my computer.

Anyway,I installed Windows 10 on my computer.Aftr using Ubuntu’s convenient APT software management system,I find it extremely hard to configure development environment on Windows.2017-05-01 01-38-36 - 副本.png

At last,I configured Python 3.5.2,Tensorflow-gpu and OpenCV on Windows!The difficulty is all because tensorflow only supports Python 3.5.2,OpenCV seems to only support Python 2.7,and I wanted to use Tensorflow and OpenCV together.

The solution is quite simple.I installed an unofficial version of OpenCV which supports Python 3.Problem solved.

Yeah,it is difficult.Thanks to the Ubuntu subsystem,I can run Linux apps on Windows now!

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