Not Possible!I Met CPU Frequency Dilemma

First of all,kindly remind:I am using an Intel Core i7-6700HQ.So the maximim and minimum frequency is 800MHz-3500MHz(Sure I turned on Turboboost).

Things first make me confused is the CPU freq extension I am using on my Gnome environment.Usually it shows the current frequency which I set as 800MHz-800MHz for power saving.So it usually shows”0.80GHz”.But today,it runs:

Weird!How can that be possible if my CPU’s minimum freq is 800MHz?I cannot figure it out.Then I looked it in the terminal.It again said my CPU’s minimum freq is 800MHz and it is running at 420MHz!Sure the overall performance of my computer is extremely bad at this freq.The animation,I can bearly stand.Even running Chrome costs 30%-50% of my whole CPU.And other CPU option seems not working too.The highest frequency seems to be 2.6GHz although sometimes it runs over it.


I did not know why this happen,but the solution is pretty simple:I unplugged the charger,and everything went back to normal.But I am still curious about it.What makes it happen and how we can use it?

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