Trying to compile Qemu on ARM

I am now trying to compile qemu on arm to emulate windows x86 on Android.(In fact I tried to do it a year before)Now I still met great difficulties.I will try my best to compile it and put it into public.I even create a project!I released a beta version on that.


That is an old version,only Qemu 2.5.0-rc4.But it works perfectly on Android.I did not compile it on a board.Instead,I compiled it on an ARM-Based SBC.(CPU is Allwinner H3,Dual-core)But,it compiles really slow.Almost 12 hours!

P.S. I will join the FTC and FRC in the near future!That’s exciting!

Send RSS News to Kindle

Yep!!!I finally made it!
Costing my whole class,I managed to build a server which can fetch rss and send it to kindle via email.This means that I can finally read The Economist and New York times on my kindle!With KindleEar and Google App Engine,This finally comes to truth.

Test posting from kindle

I have got a kindle in order to read more books.(and to use the web browser)So I am logging from kindle to my blog.I am testing to post from my kindle.I think I need to jailbreak the kindle so that I can change the wallpaper and get a better web browser.Would that be possible to install Android on kindle?

A Zigzag EV3 Car

I built a zigzag using ev3.Well,it looks really simple!But I think it is powerful enough.The camera is bad!So,the picture is not clear.

Maybe you have noticed,the light sensor is not fixed on the zigzag car,but is connected to a motor,so that the light sensor can move independently,and can direct the car to move.I probably will release the program and video in a couple of days.Who knows if it would work!

The Strange experience of installing Android Studio on Ubuntu


I need to install an Android Studio on my computer because I want to study Android Java program.It seems that installing i on Ubuntu is a very easy thing,since it only requires a few codes.

However,when I was installing the android-studio using “sudo apt install android-studio”,the installation failed because of the Java 9 could not install.Then I removed android-studio and Java9 and installed openjdk-9 instead.The installation ran smoothly. But when I try to launch the Android Studio,it could not be run.Of course it is Java’s problem again.

So I installed official Java9 by using PPA of “webupd8team/java”(Thanks for their work)As I expected,it still could not be run.:-(As I run android studio manually and googled the problem,I found out that the reason it could not be run is that the Java version is too high!

So I again installed Java7 instead.The installation is smooth as well.The Android Studio can also be run.Just a simple problem:The buildtool could not run because the Java’s version is too low!I finally know what I should do.I installed Java8,removed Java7,and tried to launch Android Studio again.All features work fine.Even the emulator ran well.The CPU load is high while compiling apks,although.

What a terrible experience!

My New Calculator

I have got my first ever calculator in senior high!The model is TI-nspire cx cas,with a color screen and a “touchpad”,it is powerful enough for me to draw graph on it.

Here it is.Someone said that it is possible to run linux kernel and even xorg on it.Would it be possible?I want to try it some time.Then,I would be able to use a USB WiFi dongle to connect to the Internet,and use a USB keyboard instead.

New XPS15 9550 With New XUbuntu 16.04.01

I have got my first ever PC!XPS15-9550,with 8G RAM,256G SSD disk,4 core Intel i7 CPU,and Nvidia GTX 960M GPU,is fast enough for me to do the coding work.Instead of Windows 10,I installed Ubuntu 16.04.01 immediately.I wasn’t troubled by a lot of problem,though the Nvidia GPU can be some kind of pain.At last,Ubuntu finally run on my XPS smoothly without any trouble.

Here’s a picture which shows Ubuntu on XPS 15.

XPS15 With Ubuntu